The world needs your gifts

Meet Anna

I work with people who deeply care about achieving their personal highest potential, and I help them identify what they’re meant to do.

Then, everything clicks into place and it becomes so much easier to create your vision. Alignment must come first.

Likely, you have searched far and wide for answers to why something hasn’t worked yet or what you’re supposed to do or how to do it.

You must realize that you have a unique path and a mission that is bigger than what you can see. If you’re ready, you’ve come to the right place.

Mastermind Program

Sometimes you need a power-charged container to create, pivot and grow your business and your soul vision. This is exactly that, and much more.

In this mastermind, we combine elements of The Intuitive Business School and also use my signature Shadow Magic process to not only help you achieve your goals—you become fused with your higher calling.


Shadow Magic

Turn your fear in to fuel and create a prosperous coaching business

Most books on coaching and business focus on surface-level actions like list building, client generation, and marketing. This book, however, recognizes that unless you address the deepest, most unconscious "shadow" layers of your operating system, you will self-sabotage your growth at every level. 

Your shadow is composed of your fears, old trauma, and insecurities. It's the reason why most business owners struggle to stand out, attract ideal clients, and create consistent revenue.

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One-to-one coaching

For those who want to deeply see themselves. Anna has a way of understanding you, your personal genius and your destiny that allows you to gain perspective on what you’re meant to create into the world. No more hiding.


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