Shadow Magic:
Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business

I read this book thinking I might learn a few good lessons and be slightly better off like with most books. Instead this book is truly changing my life and dare I say my brain chemistry.
— amazon reviewer

Most books on coaching and business focus on surface-level actions like list building, client generation, and marketing. This book, however, recognizes that unless you address the deepest, most unconscious “shadow” layers of your operating system, you will self-sabotage your growth at every level.

Your shadow is composed of your fears, old trauma, and insecurities. It’s the reason why most business owners struggle to stand out, attract ideal clients, and create consistent revenue.

Here is the magic: your shadow actually contains the secrets to accessing your unique genius and gifts that can help you powerfully connect with your ideal clients and become an unstoppable leader in your industry.

The powerful techniques in this book have been adapted from ancient wisdom, behavioral psychology, and the author’s private coaching practice. Anna shows you proven methods in an easy-to-practice format that will help you clear your biggest revenue blocks, identify your unique identity as a coach, and create a structure for your thriving business.

Included in this book is the author’s guide to building a six-figure coaching practice, with tools that have helped her students and clients create sustainable growth in their businesses and bring in an additional $5,000–$20,000 in monthly revenue.

This book is a must-have for coaches and entrepreneurs in all industries.

I adore this book. Three reasons:
1. It explained to me why I’ve been stuck.
2. It’s incredibly relatable.
3. It’s an easy, quick read (without jargon!) that’s straight to the point...
— A. Rizzo (Amazon review)