I am a highly reluctant leader.

I was born into an immigrant family with little to no resources. I came from a history of persecution and trauma and was told never to speak up for myself. I was shy, introverted, depressed, antisocial and had absolutely no confidence. I was also highly intuitive and sensitive which created more problems than solutions.

One day I realized that I had goals and dreams that my current operating system could not create. My thoughts, actions and how I was showing up in the world kept me from everything I ever wanted: legacy, leadership, impact, connection and abundance. So, for over a decade I began to refine and re-wire myself for success.

Since then, I have founded three international companies, published a best-selling book and created The Intuitive Business School which serves coaches and business owners from all over the world.  I work with some of the top executives, founders and professionals in their industries ranging from high-tech to highly-creative to highly-spiritual leaders. 

My renown process of shadow work for leaders and business owners allows clients to understand themselves more deeply and integrate parts of their unconscious fears and wounds to accelerate their success. They finally feel comfortable in their own power and confident in their own skin.

Everyone has qualities that make them a great leader, regardless of whether they are leaders right now. I specialize in helping people draw out their unique leadership qualities and build a thriving business and career around this. This happens through deep exploration, healing internal blocks and activating your executive space.


Schedule a private introductory assessment with me where I help you identify levels of your personal gifts and mission that you may not have been aware of before.

Then, we will create a clear plan to bring your big vision into reality.

Each session is $250 and includes pre-work, a private recorded video call with Anna and the cost can be applied to future coaching (if appropriate).

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A few clients, past and present